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On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 10:48 AM, Neal Whitman <nwhitman at> wrote:
> Suggestion isn't enough for these backformations, since the question is
> whether speakers have actually taken the step of inferring the existence of
> the verb and started using it. the term. Googling on "store buy", I find a
> lot of irrelevant hits with 'store' and 'buy' next to each other, but when I
> searched for 'we store buy', I found this:
> Do you use vitamins fromyour pedatrition or store buy them?

["Pediatrition" is a great misspelling, under the influence from
"nutrition", etc.]

> Options:
>  a.. yes, we only use what the doctor gives us
>  b.. no, we store buy them

And you can also find "store(-)bought" used as an active, transitive,
past-tense verb:

The only other Columbine I have is one that I "store-bought" last
summer, and it's burgundy and cream colored.
I store bought it, and activated it, and it's not working very well
for me at all :-)
I'm about to store-buy it - what's not working for you?
I store bought one--it had no bad for you stuff aka trans fats,
partially hydrodgenated ya da...
We store bought our cake this time, but a Star War birthday party cake
can be done pretty easily.

--Ben Zimmer

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