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On Dec 5, 2008, at 2:46 AM, Geoff Nathan wrote:

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> Further to the discussion of 'store-bought' I had always thought the
> older version was actually 'store-boughten' (has a couple thousand
> googits, most un-self-conscious).

as against over a million for "store-bought".

>  I'm pretty sure I heard the (perhaps ironic) doubly-suffixed
> version long before I heard the slightly more regularized one.  A
> very brief Google Books search finds it in the 1918 ADS publication
> 'Dialect Notes', Vol. 5 Parts I-X).  A search inside the book yields
> no hits for 'store bought'.

the OED under "store" has (entry 14) "store-bought", with "store-
boughten" listed as a U.S. variant.  the "store-boughten" variant has
the earlier cites (1883, 1933, 1974, as against the "store-bought"
cites, which start with 1952).


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