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If you look at the context of the snipped text, it's part of a quotation the
poster (John Baker) says is from Michael Stokes Paulsen, who was writing on
the Volokh Conspiracy blog.  John actually says, at the end of the
quotation, that he doesn't find Paulsen's reasoning compelling.  In
addition, John is responding to an ongoing discussion that evolved when Mark
Mandel asked for elucidation of a comment about this obscure constitutional
provision...  So maybe it would be out of order to say that he's out of

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> It seems pretty clear from this snip that the author (who tellingly enough
> speaks of himself with the royal "we") is really just interested in
> presenting a
> political rant to ADS-L disguised as some kind of lingjuistic issue
> involving
> an eccentric and moot interpretation of a tiny 18th century corner of the
> United States Constitution. Will somebody in authority please tell him that
> he is
> out of order?
> Barak Obama, by the way, is a professor of Constutional Law at one of the
> most respected (and relatively conservative) law schools in the nation. I
> think
> he can probably figure out what the deal is on his Secretary of State's
> salary,
> without help from a royalist.
> In a message dated 12/8/08 12:00:35 PM, JMB at STRADLEY.COM writes:
> > But it does make an
> > interesting first test of how serious Barack Obama will be about taking
> > the Constitution's actual words seriously. We know he thinks the
> > Constitution should be viewed as authorizing judicial redistribution of
> > wealth.
> >
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