Did indicted Illinois governor skip online ethics training thathe m andated for all state employees?

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He may perhaps have been a believer in the concept that, as some writers say re grammar rules,
you have to know 'em before you can (carefully) break them. The difference: He wasn't careful.
And though these were your words, not his, it appears he was attempting to raise IL from being
"a politically corrupt state" to being "THE (pinnacle) politically corrupt state".

Subject: Did indicted Illinois governor skip online ethics training that he mandated for all state employees?

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>Did indicted Illinois governor skip online ethics training that he
>mandated for all state employees?

>In 2003, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich ordered mandatory online
>ethics training for all state employees. Illinois had a reputation for
>being a politically corrupt state, and Blagojevich was determined to
>put an end to that. He told USA Today, "To truly change the culture in
>state government, we need to ensure that everyone involved – from the
>elected officials down to the mailroom clerks – understands what the
>rules are and how they apply to our work as employees of the public."

>But apparently, the governor forgot to take the ethics training
>himself. That's why FBI agents arrested Blago on Dec. 9 for trying to
>sell the Senate seat vacated by president-elect Barack Obama and other
>acts of political corruption. According to  Patrick J. Fitzgerald,
>U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois (the same federal prosecutor who
>convicted Bushie Scooter Libby in the Valerie Plame affair, while
>letting Karl Rove off the hook), Blagojevich's actions "would make
>Lincoln roll over in his grave."


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