a hog-backed molligrubber

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Dec 11 15:06:23 UTC 2008

Dept. of 'Twas Ever Thus:
1880 Nat. Police Gaz. (Aug. 28) 2: It was on a Sound boat, and the mate was evidently annoyed about something. “Carry it forward,” he roared. “Carry it forward, you lunk-headed son of a sculpin, or I hope to be gee whizzley gaul dusted to jude if I don’t maul the dad slammed head off’n ye with a capstan bar, ye hog-backed molligrubber, ye!”  And the deck hand looked up in profound admiration and said, “By George, Cap, if I had your culcher I wouldn’t be a runnin’ as mate for no man in these waters; I’d be commandin’ a boat of my own.”

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