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My sister, a medical transcriptionist, encountered the word "vog", a
portmanteau of "volcanic smog", and sent it to me. It's not in OED or M-W.
"vog volcan*", without quotes, gets about 50k raw ghits. It shows up once in
the archives -- posted, not surprisingly, by the inexhaustible Barry Popik:

Date:         Sun, 20 Feb 2000 05:06:44 EST
Subject:      Coinages (part ten)

I think it's part ten. This continues a series of checking the word "coined"
on computer databases. These may or may not be correct. This is from
Readers' Guide Abstracts 1983-2000, which yielded 224 hits.

6 May 1995, SCIENCE, pp. 285-6--Hawaiians have coined the name vog, for
volcanic smog, to describe the problem.

This poster presentation --
    Concentration and dispersion modeling of the Kilauea plume
-- cites a 1991 use --
Morrow, J.W. (1991c): Volcanic effects on the elemental composition of
inhalable particulates in Hilo and Captain Cook. Vog and Laze Seminar, Hilo,

-- which is listed in the Hawaiian Collection Acquisitions List (Jan.-June
1996) of the University of Hawai`i:
University of Hawaii at Hilo. Vog and Laze Seminar, 29 July 1991. Hilo,
Hawaii: [The Center; 991]. TD883.5.H3 V64 1991.
has definitions of "vog" and "laze" (< "lava" + "haze").

The search also turned up this cute URL, for "Important Information about
VOG" (Office of the Governor, State of Hawai`i):

Mark Mandel

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