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I send the  note  below with regret.  Reinhold ("Rey") Aman has been a unique presence in lexical/phraseological research over the past generation, and I consider him a friend.  At some point it would be good to prepare an article or monograph about him and his life's work.

Gerald Cohen

[Note about Maledicta's end]:

Reinhold Aman, the editor and publisher of _Maledicta: The
International Journal of Verbal Aggression_, has informed me that
_Maledicta_ will no longer be published.  Its publication run extends 30
years and 13 volumes,  which contain much uncensored and humorous
material of interest to linguists and scholars of English and many other

Links to Contents of vols. 1-13 can be found on his "Price List
and Order Form" at:

Sample reviews are here:

and Topics treated in the 3,700 pages of _Maledicta_ are shown here:

Aman is selling the remaining copies at greatly reduced prices and can
be reached at aman at .

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