side-straddle hop

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Not since my high-school-football-playing days in the early 1960s have I heard or thought about that term!

Actually, I didn't THINK ABOUT it then--but I'm pretty sure I analyzed the immediate constituents as "side" + "straddle hop"; so I would have puncuated the term as "side straddle-hop."  But I'm sure Jonathan is right.


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>Incredibly not in OED.

1919 _Twelfth U.S. Infantry, 1798-1919_ (=A0N.Y.: Knickerbocker Press)=A0=
>=A0 325: "K" Company claims to be the best in the execution of "side-stradd=
>le hop."=A0
>1919 [George W. Small, ed.] _Story of the Forty-Seventh: Being=A0the Histor=
>y of a Regiment of Heavy Artillery_ =A0(Baltimore: pvtly. ptd.) 75: (Colone=
>l) Hobbs ventured out on deck just as the ship was doing the "side-straddle=

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