not quite eggcorns

Victor aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 25 05:52:49 UTC 2008

I have one more kid-speak expression to add to the list. Here's the full
context that builds up to it. The context is more for entertainment, the
specific word (highlighted) is for analysis.

While trying (and then consuming) a particular kind of exotic,
earthy-crunchy (but no granola!) yogurt, the same kid (4y4m) said, "It
tastes like fashion lady perfume. It's, like, *sweet-and-soury* and
stuff..." I don't recall exactly what followed, but, I am sure, the
observation was just as deep. I don't recall the actual flavor, but
another flavor from the same batch included lavender, so it's easy to
see how this could lead to the above observation.


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