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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Dec 27 18:11:44 UTC 2008

At 12:13 PM -0500 12/27/08, Mark Mandel wrote:
>Why an eggcorn, rather than just a slip of the tongue between two
>phonologically similar loanwords?
>Mark Mandel

...and, crucially, both mentally "filed" as <+ Japanese>.  Reminds me
of the time a few years ago when I was going through the cafeteria
line in a Yale College dining hall and kept asking for broccoli, and
wondered with increasing frustration why the server wasn't ladling me
out the...ravioli.  More like a slip of the synapse than of the
tongue, I'd say.


P.S.  On the second "mistake", there are in fact many many (290K)
google hits for "live band" + karaoke, and assuming this counts as
karaoke (although we may be in the realm of peanut butter and oral
sex), the nursing home wasn't in error on that one.  27,800 hits for
"live band karaoke" (with quotes); but I admit none at all for "live
band teriyaki", so I can't defend that one.

>On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 8:47 AM, James A. Landau
><JJJRLandau at netscape.com> wrote:
>>  Heard on the PA system at a nursing home:
>>  "There will be teriyaki, uh, karaoke in the auditorium."
>>  This may have been a double mistake, because immediately
>>afterwards two musicians walked in carrying their instruments.
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