antedating of "Murphy's law" May, 1951

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This is from May 1951? The book was published in 1951, but where's
the month date from?

Jesse Sheidlower

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 02:25:45PM -0500, Stephen Goranson wrote:
> Genetic Psychology Monographs: Child Behavior, Animal Behavior, and
> Comparative
> Psychology.
> A Psychological Study of Physical Scientists, By Anne Roe, pp. 121-235
> p.204
> As for himself he realized that this was the inexorable working of the second
> law of the thermodynamics which stated Murphy's law "If anything can go wrong
> it will." I always liked Murphy's law, I was told that by an architect.
> Stephen Goranson
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