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Wed Dec 31 22:18:39 UTC 2008

As I am unaware of an appropriate blog or some such vehicle to leave
a comment, I'd like to expand on Grant's entry into the WOTY noms:

>age-doping: The falsification of records to show that an athlete
>meets participation requirements for a sporting event. This issue
>arose with Chinese gymnasts in the Beijing Summer Olympics.

I'd like to say a similar phenomenon occurs when, say, creating one's
resume'. That is, the intentional deletion of jobs & other
year-specific data that date the potential applicant as "too old" (I
suppose, going the other direction, manufacturing jobs & education
data is a form of youth-oriented age-doping. But neither the missus
nor I have ANY experience in such an endeavor as we have done plenty
of the former)

I'd also LOVE to see a countering term for TBTF, perhaps TBTB (as in
too big to be, a concept in which one considers an enterprise that
shouldn't exist due to its insouciant, inefficient and/or consumptive

Just a shot from the cheap seats...
Rex Stocklin
Fishers, IN

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