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"Five-pound sack" and not "five-pound bag"? I wonder where the
isogloss is. (Rhetorical. I don't really care.) I read "Cat's Cradle"
in the original Galaxy(?) magazine version so long ago that I have no
recollection as to whether Kurt, Jr., used "bag" or "sack."

The stranger thing is that, when I picture this kind of blivVt in my
mind, I see a sack. Unless it's actually a bag. :-)


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> >Oh, THAT! I know it as... well, various names, but the first I learned was
> >"blivet" ("blivit"?), possibly from MAD Magazine. Escher, our age's great
> >master of such, uses that diagram, or rather the principle, in many guises.
> I know Kurt Vonnegut's definition of "blivet" (from _Cat's Cradle_,
> IIRC): ten pounds of shit in a five-pound sack. Apparently this comes
> from military usage. I find it useful in my day job, more often than
> I would like.
> This is actually the first time I've seen the term applied to the
> optical-illusion three-pronged thingy (for which I never had a proper
> name).
> James Harbeck.
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