Pronouncing drug names (w. note for Wilson)

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Now I understand MAM's emotional reaction.  It's religious, and any questions or differing opinions are heredical.  I suggest to all to keep an open mind and strive for truth even though it might be suggesting changes to orthodoxy.  My life's work now is truespel, which is a simple phonetic spelling.  It's necessary because IPA, SAMPA, or XSAMPA are not compatible to English.  Truespel has the capability to integrate dictionary keys, translation guides, and learning tools in an English friendly way.  SAMPA cannot.  I see where UK is possibly developing a similar key to truespel for teaching reading.  It's much like truespel.

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> Ron, don't waste your time trying to talk sense to Tom Zurinskas. He is a
> perfect example of non-theological invincible ignorance. (And I'm being
> polite this time.) I killfiled him long ago.
> m a m
> On Jan 31, 2008 1:50 PM,  wrote:
>> Huh?=20
>> The word "dessert" in English no more has a "double consonant" than does
>> the=
>> =20
>> word "desert," right?
>> Or if you are talking about spelling conventions, then why don't we
>> write=20
>> "reppeat," "rellate," etc., but we do write "innocent," "pollen," etc.?
>> In a message dated 1/30/08 11:25:07 PM, truespel at HOTMAIL.COM writes:
>>> Regards syllabic stress and spelling -
>>> There is a tendency for a stressed syllable to be indicated by a
>> double=20
>>> consonant in English; for example, desert/dessert.=A0 For stressed
>> syllabl=
>> es that=20
>>> both begin and end with double consonants, like "accommodate", the most
>> co=
>> mmon=20
>>> spelling mistake (75%) is to drop the second double (accomodate) rather
>> th=
>> an=20
>>> the first (acommodate).=A0 Thus, truespel phonetics indicates stress (on
>> o=
>> ther=20
>>> than the first syllable) with a preceding double consonant.
>> ~ukkaamudaet.
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