"gimme some skin", "righteous" (Burley, 1940)

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Ah ha. Thanks. I have seen "Geechee", though I don't remember where, and I
didn't understand it.

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> my mother once told me that, when she was in college ca.1930 at the
> same Wiley College featured in The Great Debaters (she used to babysit
> James Farmer), it was whatever word that they used for "hip" in those
> days to say, "Gimme some skin, frien'!" "Righteous" is probably as old
> as water. But, of course, it takes time for these things to get into
> print and some never do and some remain local, such as the East-Texas
> use of "Geechee" to describe a Creole-French-speaking black
> Louisianians or merely one with a French surname.
> -Wilson
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