English is "diminishing"

Andrea Morrow aandrea1234 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 4 16:03:44 UTC 2008

I teach business communication, and I subscribe to an online headline
news service that supposedly brings me "the top headlines in the
field" (according to the service's copy).

One of today's headlines was "English Language Still Diminishing in
Quality".  As we all know, this has been such a familiar complaint,
it's a wonder English hasn't diminished right out of existence.  Turns
out, the headline is from a college newspaper editorial, with such
statements as: "Wave goodbye to the days of extant originality and
herald the proximity of clones thinking similar ideas."  Here's the


I only mention this because it feeds the common (mis)perception that
English is somehow endangered - and it came to me via a supposedly
professional channel that is said to capture the latest ideas.


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