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OED SF Database has 1917 for the genre "horror"

"The Magazines," [no author] _Philadelphia Inquirer_, 7/3/1898 V 139 #3,
p. 22 col 4.
"The Home Magazine for July (Binghamton and New York) contains "The
Patriots' War Chant," a poem by Douglas Malloch; "The Story of the War,"
by Theodore Waters; "A Horseman in the Sky," by Ambrose Bierce, with a
portrait of Mr. Bierce, whose tales of horror are horrible of
themselves, not as war is horrible; "A Yankee Hero," by W. L. Calver;
"The Warfare of the Future," by Louis Seemuller; "Florence Nightingale,"
by Susan E. Dickenson, with two rare portraits, etc."

OED SF Database has 1927 for the "Scientific Romance" [proto science

"A Thrilling Accident"  _Easton [MD] Gazette_; Date: 12-09-1876; Volume:
LX; Issue: 50; Page: [2]; col 4.

"The wildest and most improbable of Jules Verne's "Scientific Romances"
contains nothing more thrilling than an accident that has just occurred
at Dunmore, one of the suburbs of this city, and the great shipping
centre of the Pennsylvania Coal Company."
Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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