Agnostic (non-theological)

Barbara Need nee1 at MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU
Tue Feb 5 22:48:01 UTC 2008

On 4 Feb 2008, at 22:38, Laurence Horn wrote:

> At 8:19 PM -0800 2/4/08, Jeff Prucher wrote:
>> "Agnostic" in a non-theological sense has been used in the software
>> world for at least a few years (from personal experience, anyway --
>> I haven't tried to do a deep search on this). In my understanding of
>> the term, if a program is hardware agnostic, it should be able to
>> run without regard to the hardware it's being run on; i.e, the
>> software "doesn't know" what the hardware is. A Google search on
>> "agnostic program" yields a slew of relevant results.
>> Jeff Prucher
> By the same token, if a service (such as those within the
> Unitarian-Universalist tradition) is intended to be applicable for
> believers, skeptics, and non-believers alike, can we call it
> "platform-neutral"?

I suppose, though I have never heard the term used among UUs. I will
ask the Meadville students I hang out with (the UU seminary here in
Hyde Park).


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