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It looks like the pencil whipper rented the car in his name, then gave
the keys to the marine.  So the marine had a car without a valid
contract.  So long as he doesn't get in a wreck or pulled over, and
turns the car in on time, it'll work.  Of course, the pencil whipper is
paying for the usage of the car.

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> I am a subscriber to the ADS-L mailing list and enjoy reading
> the posts to the list. I am an elementary school teacher in
> El Paso, Texas and was raised as a military brat before
> pursuing a military career myself.
> Yesterday, in another newsletter I receive,  I read a term I
> have only heard in the military... pencil-whipped. The quote
> was: "The next morning they arrived at the airport to find
> that  after another delay, the flight had been
> canceled...again.  Panic time now. 4 new Marines gonna be
> late. A man near the  counter overheard their plight.  Took
> them to a rental car  counter, pencil whipped the contract,
> since he is a frequent  driver. Gave the oldest Marine the
> keys and contract. Told they  to drive careful, be safe, turn
> the car in and SEMPER FI."
> In the military I always heard the term "pencil-whipped" used
> to mean doing the paperwork  so as to cover up not performing
> a task. For example "Instead of going to the rifle range and
> qualifying with my weapon, the company clerk just
> pencil-whipped the qualification paperwork for me." If so,
> what is the meaning of "pencil whipped" in the quote above?
> The quote seems to infer that he faked the paperwork but is
> faking a car rental contract by a customer possible?
> I would be interested in anyone's input on this. Thanks.
> Larry
> Larry
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