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Sat Feb 9 18:46:17 UTC 2008

2007 Milo S. Afong _Hogs in the Shadows_  (N.Y.: Berkley) 3-4:   Because a Marine has no training as a sniper, during indoctrination he is known as as a SLUG, an acronym for Slow, Lazy, Untrained Gunman....Once in a scout/sniper platoon, the Marine receives the honorable name of PIG, meaning Professionally Instructed Gunman. The name explains that the Marine is worthy to receive the training to become a sniper....A HOG is a Hunter of Gunmen and is the only one of the three designations to be considered a Marine scout/sniper....Once a PIG graduates scout/sniper school he receives the title of HOG and the current military occupation specialty of 0317.

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