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Sat Feb 9 19:43:54 UTC 2008

At 2/8/2008 11:36 PM, Philip E. Cleary wrote:
>"There are amazing abandonments in America but the former Soviet Union
>has some of the most interesting, unique and strange abandoned
>buildings. The complex political, military and social history of the
>country has led to everything from almost-finished buildings abandoned
>before actual use and entire abandoned cities to chilling gulags in
>which tens of millions of prisoners met their end."
>Has "abandonment" picked up a new meaning? I'd guess that the usage is
>influenced by - or is a deliberate play on - "monument."

So these clearly are not tene-ments.

But seriously, why isn't ""There are amazing abandonments in America"
simply OED "1. The action of relinquishing to another, of giving up,
letting go, forsaking"?


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