"Same Old Same Old"

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Considering the quality of the search engine at that site, unless they gave
you a :"hit" for Stars and Stripes, there ain't no 1947 cite.

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> Good work, Same source gives me a cite ("same-o same-o") from Aug. 20,
> 1947, but won't let me see it unless I pay.
>  JL
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> Using Newspaper Archive, it appears in the Pacific edition of Stars and
> Stripes 26 August 1949 as same-o same-o. And, not in a cartoon by Bill
> Hume,
> although I have no idea when he started doing his cartoons. The story, if
> believed, would indicate a recently arrived American to Okinawa didn't
> know
> what it meant, but the local did. 'Least, that's my reading of it.
> Sam Clements

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