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Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE


OED has:

 1937 PARTRIDGE Dict. Slang 758/2 Sh**-pot, a thorough or worthless
humbug (person); a sneak. 1971 B. MALAMUD Tenants 132 Lesser, don't
think you so hot, You got the look of a shit-pot.

I'm mostly familiar with the word as meaning "a lot of" -- "He spent a
shitpot of money on a new car".  Many of the Google books cites use it

Edward J. Kempf _Psychopathology_ St. Louis:  C.V. Mosby, 1920 p. 676
"He said the "boys call me chicken and kid me about cornholing me
(sodomy) and they call me shitpot." "

[OED has no entry for "cornhole", but the term appears in a 1992 cite
under "ninety".]

"shit for brains"

OED has:
1971 W. MARES Marine Machine 26 Get over here, shitforbrains!

David Anthony, _A Multitude of Men_ Simon & Schuster, 1959 p. 325
"I should care if some sloppy shit-for-brains bricklayer don't know his
ass from
his elbow? "
Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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