does anyone need another example of positive ANYMORE?

James Harbeck jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA
Thu Feb 14 02:56:45 UTC 2008

>  [I was] born and raised in the South.=C2=A0 If you could hear me, you would=
>know.=C2=A0 I=E2=80=99m all about the proper use of ya=E2=80=99ll.=C2=A0

As you can see, this came through a bit funny to me, but it appears
that she is spelling "y'all" as "ya'll". I see this with a certain
frequency, and it interests me WRT the mental process it evidences. I
have to assume it's by analogy with I'll and you'll without analysis
of the different contractions, but please feel free to disabuse me if
I'm mistaken.

James Harbeck.

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