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At 2:23 PM -0500 2/14/08, sagehen wrote:
>on 2/14/08 11:59 AM, Arnold M. Zwicky at zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU wrote:
>>  there's a lot of indeterminacy in analyzing typos.  i'm currently
>>  working on a Language Log piece with a section on the entertaining
>>  error "broccoli rabbi" for "broccoli rabe", in a Gordon Biersch menu
>>  description.  i have five alternative analyses.
>Perhaps the other variant, "raab,"  with its double a's could be what trips
>the "rabbi" slip.
It was widely known as "rape" for awhile, but now that it's become
more popular*, it's more usually either (broccoli) rabe, raab, or
rapini, for obvious orthographic reasons.  (Many dictionaries still
list it only under "rape".)  Similarly, "rapeseed oil" seems to have
taken over for "rape oil".


*Possibly, the causation went in the other direction; hard to tell,
as with "dolphin (fish)" vs. "mahi mahi".

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