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Fri Feb 15 00:35:50 UTC 2008

>And now rapeseed oil has been delicately renamed, for commercial
>purposes, "canola" oil--right?

I understand that is the same, although while I use canola oil a lot
and I love broccoli rabe/raab/rapini, I don't detect any flavor
connection, given the assertive flavor of the latter and the
non-flavor of the former.  "Canola", if I don't...er, misremember, is
a blend of "Canada" and the oleaginous -ola.


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>>Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 16:42:15 -0500
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>>It was widely known as "rape" for awhile, but now that it's become
>>more popular*, it's more usually either (broccoli) rabe, raab, or
>>rapini, for obvious orthographic reasons.  (Many dictionaries still
>>list it only under "rape".)  Similarly, "rapeseed oil" seems to
>>have taken over for "rape oil".
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