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At 7:43 PM +0000 2/15/08, ronbutters at aol.com wrote:
>I'm especially interested in these errors that come about when the
>two options are not semantically very distinct (but similar in
>form). There were two restaurants in Durham, NC, named "Fowlers" and
>"Fosters." People misspoke, miswrote, and misremembered them. But no
>one ever confused them with "Fudrucker's" (one more syllable, but
>semantically more distinct), and I suspect that a "Farmers"
>restaurant (or a "Faggers" would not have been confused, either.

...although Dick Armey, no doubt in town to visit Jesse Helms, might
have confused the latter establishment with "Frank's Diner".  Or
"Barney's Men's Store".


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>>>  Speaking of completion errors: I'm teaching a course (History of the
>>>  English Language) fully online this semester, which of course
>>>  involves a
>>>  lot of typing. I have discovered that it's nearly impossible for me
>>>  to
>>>  write the word "linguists" without first typing "linguistics" and
>>>  then
>>>  deleting the interposing "ic".
>>>  I'm just curious whether other linguists have the same problem (or
>>>  similar ones) typing stuff that should be automatic for them, given
>>>  the
>>>  frequency of the terms they regularly get wrong.
>>  This one does!
>oh my, all the time.
>i guess i should start collecting my completion errors -- for my
>speech errors course next quarter.
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