does anyone need another example of positive ANYMORE?

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Got news for you, pal. The Lone Ranger never killed anybody. If possible, he'd just shoot the gun out of their hand with a silver bullet.

  As one who watched virtually every TV western available on all three networks from ca1955 to 1965, I can testify that the only time Indians were killed on these shows was when a zillion of them attacked a wagon train.  And on TV, that almost never happened: budgets weren't big enough  One could make a good long list of TV western heroes who never even shot, no less killed, a Native American.

  Old movies were admittedly different.  But critics asserting that Hollywood's money-making policy was to gloat and gloat over the killing of Native Americans need to watch a few more Westerns.


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>Am not aware the Lone Ranger ever killed Indians. Please provide details.

No idea. I never watched it. If he didn't, he was nearly sui generis
in that respect among western heroes, wasn't he? At least in the US.
In Canada, we signed treaties with them and then cheated them out of
much of it, without all the gun-happiness. And in more recent times
social conditions on Canadian reserves are, in many cases, such that
no further outside assistance is needed for the population to be
nearly decimated* even by the age of majority, mainly through suicide
or alcohol-related accidents.

*using it in the sense that some people keep insisting is the only
correct sense, of course

James Harbeck.

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