How many does it take to be "diverse"?

James Harbeck jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA
Mon Feb 18 18:12:57 UTC 2008

I would expect that there are several here who have, as I have, seen
individual students referred to as "diverse" because they are from
some notable minority background. If these students add diversity,
they must be diverse students, and so each one of them must be
diverse, right?

Here are some hits for "a diverse student" where "student" is the
head of the NP:
"There are schools out there that will give you good money as a
diverse student"
"Me--diverse student, 156 LSAT, full ride at a top 25 law school"
(there are other commenters on the same page who put "diverse" in quotes)
"General Diversity Internships (Fellowships): 12 week, 6 month, 9
month, and year-long positions with traditional SCA sites that have
indicated interest in hosting a diverse student."
"An environment is fostered in which a diverse student can develop
intellectually, socially, and spiritually."
(in this instance, it's not clear that they are referring to students
from minority backgrounds -- actually, it's not entirely clear what
they mean; it's as though they just left out the word "body" by
accident or hasty edit)
"The First Tee will utilize its current selection process and
criteria to administer the William 'Bill' Dickey Scholarship to a
diverse student located in any city within the United States."
(earlier in the same paragraph the eligible student is referred to as
"a minority student")
"Senior Meredith Britt of Hobbton High School is quite a diverse
(in this case, she's a standard-issue white girl with diverse interests)

James Harbeck.

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