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Geoffrey Nunberg is quoted in today's New York Times: "Celebrating the Semicolon In a Most Unlikely Location" (pg B3).


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I heard the following this morning on NPR's Weekend Edition. Diane Roberts,
a professor of literature and creative writing at Florida State,
Tallahassee, had read an essay on the current contest for the Democratic
nomination in the light of the relative histories of civil rights and
women's suffrage. (The show is at .)

In the subsequent conversation Roberts was asked how she'd feel with either
Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in the White House. Her reply (5:45):

> I'd be thrilled to death with /'iyD at r/ one. /'ayD at r/ of them would be
> transformative.

By the way, I loved the last line of her essay, about 3:10 in the story:

> In the celestial caucus room, Elizabeth Cady Stanton is high-fiving
> Frederick Douglass.

Mark Mandel

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