How many does it take to be "diverse"?

Benjamin Lukoff blukoff at ALVORD.COM
Mon Feb 18 23:53:11 UTC 2008

Amusing: "diverse" now basically means "colored," then.

On Mon, 18 Feb 2008, James Harbeck wrote:

> I would expect that there are several here who have, as I have, seen
> individual students referred to as "diverse" because they are from
> some notable minority background. If these students add diversity,
> they must be diverse students, and so each one of them must be
> diverse, right?
> Here are some hits for "a diverse student" where "student" is the
> head of the NP:
> "There are schools out there that will give you good money as a
> diverse student"
> "Me--diverse student, 156 LSAT, full ride at a top 25 law school"
> (there are other commenters on the same page who put "diverse" in quotes)
> "General Diversity Internships (Fellowships): 12 week, 6 month, 9
> month, and year-long positions with traditional SCA sites that have
> indicated interest in hosting a diverse student."
> "An environment is fostered in which a diverse student can develop
> intellectually, socially, and spiritually."
> (in this instance, it's not clear that they are referring to students
> from minority backgrounds -- actually, it's not entirely clear what
> they mean; it's as though they just left out the word "body" by
> accident or hasty edit)
> "The First Tee will utilize its current selection process and
> criteria to administer the William 'Bill' Dickey Scholarship to a
> diverse student located in any city within the United States."
> (earlier in the same paragraph the eligible student is referred to as
> "a minority student")
> "Senior Meredith Britt of Hobbton High School is quite a diverse
> student-athlete."
> (in this case, she's a standard-issue white girl with diverse interests)
> James Harbeck.
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