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A friend and I did a test as well, cutting out the "i" phonemes for ~ing ~ink words from sound files and comparing them to typical short "i" words, like "print" "thin" "inch".  We mixed the presentation order to each other and on every occasion we could tell the ing/ink vowels.  They are more like long e than short i.

I'd be interested in more spectrographic analysis.  It would be great if words could be taken as spoken from m-w.com or maybe cepstral.com and analyzed.  That way we could play the stimulus words to hear them as spoken.

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> Matt,
> Good eye. Sure did write them in backwards. My bad. But all points
> remain the same; I was thinking of the right #s.
> dInIs
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>>You've got the vowels reversed, right? The 390/1990 should be for [I] and
>>270/2290 for [i].
>>On 2/19/08 11:55 AM, "Dennis Preston"  wrote:
>>> First, here are the Peterson and Barney values for males:
>>> [i] (high front tense) F1=390 F2=1990
>>> [I] (high front lax) F1=270 F2=2290
>>> It's clear that [I] is lower and backer than [i].
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