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Thu Feb 21 20:38:53 UTC 2008

Re: Tonto and Kemosabe:

It's driving me crazy that people keep ascribing two Spanish names to a gringo and a Native American!? C'mon, you guys, use some common sense.

What's even worse is that some are trying to make "Kemosabe" into "Quien no sabe" as meaning "The one whom no one knows."? In Spanish, a different word for "know" would be used entirely.? So "The one whom no one knows" would be rendered: "El a quien nadie conoce."? Nothing like "Kemosabe."

Even if it were to be "the one who doesn't know," it would be?"El que no sabe."

It seems like we're so intent on putting ourselves and our ethnic history down, we'll bend and twist both language and logic all out of shape, as long as we can make it look like someone made an ethnic slur.?

Yours for logic even if it's not PC,

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