"risen" for "raised"

Brenda Lester alphatwin2002 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 22 00:43:04 UTC 2008

it's got to be a typo, etc.
  reminds me of that old, silly song, "Toity doity boids."
  spring has sprung;
  the grass has rizzed.
  i wonder where them
  boidies is.


RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:
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Subject: "risen" for "raised"

Perhaps this is just a typo the both the author and editor missed--or a
hypercorrection--or do people really normally use "risen" as the past participle of

"Campbell has risen far more in campaign contributions than his [two]
opponents combined, with a large chunk coming from builders and contractors." --
Lauren Sellers, "Three with varied viewpoints want Allen's house seat," ORLANDO
SENTINEL, 2-21-08, pB3.

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