George Washington's Speech Impediment

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 22 15:45:12 UTC 2008

I've seen exx. of his spelling. IIRC, it was pretty bad, at least in his youth.

  That "speech impediment" sounds more like a regional trait, wouldn't you say?

  Next stage: "George Washington's embarrassing speech impediment was was the result of his ridiculous wooden teeth."

  Fact: Washington's false teeth were made of ivory.

  Like Barry, I wonder increasingly why we even bother.


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Subject: George Washington's Speech Impediment

In the Writer's Almanac this morning, Garrison Keillor said that George
Washington had a speech impediment. In particular, he mixed i's and e's, both in
speaking and in writing.

I hadn't heard about this before. Anyone know about it?

- Allan Metcalf

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