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Exactly, as I said in my first message on this subject.  Not having
seen the photo, I do not know whether he was pictured near his
apartment, or pictured near his therapy.  If the former, I still ask
for a better, shorter sentence.


At 2/22/2008 10:53 AM, Barbara Need wrote:
>Except that I took this to mean something like Jacob Rivera, 15, is
>pictured near his apartment in the Bronx. He is receiving intensive
>therapy as part of his sentence for assault.
>Barbara Need
>On 22 Feb 2008, at 9:34, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>>"As part of his new sentence for assault, Jacob Rivera, 15,
>>receives intensive therapy near his apartment in the Bronx."
>>   Shorter too.
>>   JL
>>  ,
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>>At 2/21/2008 11:32 PM, Doug Harris wrote:
>>>That's reads considerably better -- easier -- than the original.
>>Please write the complete sentence, as one sentence, starting it
>>with "Jacob Rivera, 15, who was convicted..." Including the apartment.
>>>"Twice removed"? You have a problem with
>>>"Jacob Rivera, 15, who was convicted..."
>>>m a m
>>>On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 10:16 PM, Doug Harris
>>>>A cut line (photo caption) on the front page of the NY/Region of
>>>>NY Times:
>>>>>Jacob Rivera, 15, near his apartment in the Bronx, who was
>>>>>convicted of
>>>>assault, receives intensive therapy as part of his new sentence.<
>>>>The topic of typos has arisen here again recently. Many such, as
>>>>has been noted, can be excused by time and other pressures. It's
>>>>not so easy, though, to 'justify' subject-object twice (by
>>>>commas) removed
>>>>disasters such as this one.
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