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The pages I saw do not mention Evan Kirshenbaum.  They do mention the following
"ASCII IPA: a way to represent speech using a computer keyboard"
by Markus Laker, with some additions by Bob Cunningham

OK I found it in credits.
ASCII IPA was developed by a team of alt.usage.english and sci.lang members led by Evan Kirshenbaum .
The material in the Consonants and vowels and Other symbols tables is taken from the alt.usage.english FAQ written by Mark Israel. He and Evan Kirshenbaum made many helpful suggestions and corrections during the production of this page.

So is this the official phonetic spelling of the ADS?  Of the US govt?  What about SAMPA?  Is it not a US system?  What about IPA.  Is it obsolete?

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> On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 6:44 PM, Tom Zurinskas  wrote:
>> Below is from alt.usage.english
>> which is a "contact" of the American Dialect Society from page
>> of the ADS site.
>> My questions are: What is ASCII IPA? Is it an ADS standard? Is it the same as
>> SAMPA? Is it an American standard? Is it gov. adopted or approved?
> As the AUE pages explain, this is an ASCII transcription system for
> IPA, as developed by AUE contributor Evan Kirshenbaum. The full
> specification is here:
> Kirshenbaum's system differs in many ways from SAMPA, as can be seen
> from Don Blaheta's comparison of the five most common ASCII
> representations of IPA:
> You might recall that I posted this link in a thread here a month ago.
> --Ben Zimmer
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