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> Using the minus function, I entered
> broodmare mother children -foal -mare -horse
> and got the following two (among many others)



I used the minus function as well, but not as effectively as you, or maybe I
just wasn't persistent enough. But I found the following with Yahoo search.
(Plowing through the first 600 hits is enough for me, even at my rate of

   Despite the exquisite pleasures to be found in the king's arms,
   Douglass [a woman] wants more from Marcus than to be his broodmare.
   Look at the faces of the people around them,priceless! It's a known
   fact in Hollywood that Tom Cruise is gay and she is his latest
   [different sense -- related?]
   And female elves spend such a tiny portion of their lives pregnant or
   caring for a child, assuming they become pregnant at all, that they just
   don't spend enough time doing it to get shoehorned into a primary child
   rearing/broodmare role.
   Must we wait until the callow William woos, weds, beds, then coldly
   ignores his own adulterous, anorexic broodmare?
   46. LOL, # 53, you are SO RIGHT! Space zombies are being kept busy
   doing damage control for their leader and his dumb-a$$ broodmare.
   [Tom Cruise again!]
   And why are hamburger buns universally constructed out of styrofoam? I
   resent the implication that the hamburger enthusiast is a tasteless redneck
   broodmare breadophobe.
   Jeepster: The Legend Continues is a 23-year old girl in Boston, MA.
   she is single. ... Become a tame, Baptist, midwest, housewife broodmare? ...
   [the page doesn't have this snippet any more]
   16. #14: Joujou, nothing like becoming the broodmare for your nanny,
   eh? ;-)
   [ again]
   If you are so determined to have your son sire an heir to your name
   convince him to divorce me and find a broodmare to pump them out for him.

Mark Mandel

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