can we have a SOTY category, pretty please?

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Feb 27 02:11:59 UTC 2008

If that looks like a blend of "WOTY" and "SOTA", it's intentional.
What I have in mind is "Spokesbeing of the Year", including
designated commercial mascots.

There's a story in the Times Health pages today about the attempt to
come up with a campaign to fight prostate cancer that featured, yes,
Prosty the Spokesgland.  I see that someone on the web has beaten me
to the punch, so I'll just link to their treatment--
--which in turn links to the lyrics* of the theme song (to the tune
of, well, duh) and accompanying public service video, although
apparently not to a music video of the actual prostate exam.

As far as WOTY candidates go, there's not only "spokesgland"
but--wait for it--"manogram", which has been trademarked.  I assume
that Prosty him- or itself will be up for an American Name Society
award in at least one category.


P.S.  I love the way the Times writer (with tongue in cheek, as it
were) describes the prostate screening campaign, with Prosty the
Spokesgland and company, noting that "not surprisingly, it has not
caught on".  Seemed like a good idea at the time...

*I can't resist...

Prosty the Spokesgland
Is a prostate gland, we're told
Buried deep inside largely out of sight
He's ignored by young and old

Prosty the Spokesgland
How we hope that lump's benign
But it's hard to say
Cause the only way
To diagnose and treat is blind

There might just be some cancer
In that lump they found today
But we really can't be sure right now
Cause you can't trust the PSA

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