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Wed Feb 27 02:37:58 UTC 2008

I don't understand what the "no" means in Joel's answer. Does Joel mean that 
Ms. Cyrus was not influenced at all by the stock phrase "close circle of 

In a message dated 2/26/08 7:47:40 PM, Berson at ATT.NET writes:

> At 2/26/2008 03:35 PM, RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:
> >Miley Cyrus, quoted in today's Orlando Sentinel (2-26-08, pA2):
> >
> >"... My mom is more strict than my dad. You want to keep your closed circle
> >of friends. And sometimes my mom is saying: 'I have a bad vibe about this
> >person. She needs to hang out with you when I'm around just to keep
> >you safe'. ..."
> >
> >Does it appear that Ms. Cyrus has reinterpreted the normal idiom, "close
> >circle of friends" (= group of close friends) to be "closed circle of 
> friends"
> >(meaning 'friends that one sees without parents [or other outsiders] 
> present)?
> No.  I understood her immediately, and with a different sense (the
> one that Ron suggests) from "close circle."
> Joel

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