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>  Incidentally, does anyone outside the NY Times use the spelling "lede"?

Seems so. Googits "about 171,000 for lede newspaper*". Some of the first:

The most important structural element of a story is the lede or
lead—the story's first, or leading, sentence.

Fundamentals of Journalism
The first paragraph of a news story is the lede. It is often just one
sentence, but it can be two.

The Mavens' Word of the Day
I contacted Evan Jenkins, editor-in-residence at the Columbia
University School of Journalism. (I highly recommend his Web site,
Language Corner.) What he told me was that your explanation of lede as
it's used in modern journalism is correct--it's "lead" (rhymes with
greed)--the first, or leading, paragraph--spelled phonetically to
avoid confusion with "lead" (rhymes with led), which is more or less
what type was made of once it replaced wooden type in the 19th

DigiDave: The Lede: Starting Your Article


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