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At 2/29/2008 09:54 AM, Laurence Horn wrote:
>... For me, "What are you jumping on me for?" is as unexceptional as
>"...jumping all over..."  No implication that anyone's bones are
>being jumped (even in contexts lacking the incest angle).

In most contexts I would take "jump on" similarly, as "To pounce
upon, come down upon with violence or unawares."  But in an earlier
example from Wilson, I would certainly wonder which meaning Mathis meant.

Wilson had written:
>On the Judge Greg Mathis show appeared a white, standard-speaking
>woman with her sixteen-year-old son and a white, standard-speaking
>woman with her fifteen-year-old daughter. The boy's mother complained
>that the other woman's daughter had deprived her son of his virginity.
>The girl's mother replied that the son had gone upside her daughter's
>Nothing gives Judge Mathis the jaws more than hearing that a man has
>abused a woman in any manner. So, before the boy's mother could reply,
>the judge angrily interrupted, saying, "That soun' like assault to me!
>Let me hear 'bout this boy _jumpin' on_ that girl!"


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>>>  The show is set in New York City.
>>>  Ex-con white mother to shoplifting son:
>>>  "What are you *doing*?! Are you *crazy*?!"
>>>  Son replies:
>>>  "What are you _jumping on_ *me* for?! *You* did it [broke the law], too!"
>>>  Of course, the *writer* could be Southern or black.
>>>  -Wilson
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