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I had never seen the computer term "window of focus" used in this rather
ordinary way--is Shia LaBeouf being poetical, or is this estblished slang among
young people and/or in the entertainment industry? I found 60,000 Google hits
for it, but (except for LaBeouf's use) the first few pages of findings are all
used in a technical sense, e.g., simply the window that one has open on one's
computer screen and is focusing attention on; a more metaphorical use is as
"the ability of individuals to bve immersed and attending to a particular working
sphere" (see Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on
Computer-Related Work, [2005], at

Maybe The Beef is just repeating what his shrink told him.
LaBeouf Opens Up About 'Utterly Insane' Arrest

 Actor Shia LaBeouf bitterly regrets his 2007 arrest for trespassing in a
Chicago, Ill., drugstore, insisting the incident occurred in a moment of "utter
 The "Transformers" star, 21, was charged with a public misdemeanor in
November, after refusing to leave a Walgreen's while drunk. The charges were later
 But LaBeouf admits the bizarre event was an isolated incident, which he is
putting behind him as a life lesson.
 He tells the British magazine Empire, "That was complete and utter insanity.
I was an [bleep], and it was a mistake I'm still completely embarrassed
 "I was in the middle of a strange mind state, having just come off a
three-month window of focus. I can't diminish what happened at all. But I can say
this: I'm not the first 21-year-old to be arrested for a misdemeanor. There are
lessons in life I need to learn, and I'm learning all of them in front of the

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