More praise for the excellent Yale Book of Quotations

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> For those of you who, like me, were a little puzzled:
> KWIC = key word in context
> When I read Joel's post, I had no idea what that meant, and just
> skimmed over it.  But then by strange coincidence, within the next ten
> seconds I happened to fire up Mark Davies' CAE interface and saw the
> acronym listed right there.
> I guess then a "KWIC index" is basically a non-electronic corpus.
> Strong's Concordance (of the King James Bible) would be a good
> example, right?
> Randy

There are programs to generate a KWIC index of text. One output format is to
have the target word centered on the line, maybe boldface, surrounded by
however much of the context on each side fits on the line.

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