r to l dissimilation in "infrastructure"?

Nancy Hall hall.nancy at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 1 18:33:08 UTC 2008

> i'm sure i've seen other examples of (anticipatory) r > l
> dissimilation in english (the textbook example is post-classical latin
> peregri:nus > pelegrinus -- eventually pilgrim in english), but i
> can't at the moment recall them.

There are a few American dialectal examples I'm aware of, like "flitters"
for "fritters", "frail" for "flail", and maybe "flustrated" for
"frustrated", although that last one is likely a blend of "frustrated" and
"flustered". But these are very old; "flitters" and "flustrated" are
attested from 1837. "Inflastructure" would be more interesting to me because
"infrastructure" is a relatively new word. The OED's first citation is 1927.


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