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>From the RSDB:

"Afro-Saxon     Whites  Young white men who act black."

Dag-gee! For the last half-ceentury, I've been under the
clearly-mistaken impression that an "Afro-Saxon" was a black person
who acted white!

Well, language changes, whether you want or expect it to or not. And
such flips are hardly unknown.

And isn't "Arvi," not "Aravi," the Hebrew word for "Arab"?


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>> From:    Barbara Need <bhneed at GMAIL.COM>
>> Subject: Ragtime and coded slurs in the Chicago Tribune
>> And there was an article on today's front page about "coded slurs".
>> i..e., ways of being offensive without (!?) being obvious. The
>> article referenced _reggin" (read it backwards), the reference by Fox
>> to Michelle Obama as Barack's "baby mama" (discussed here) and a
>> situation in which an Indian was attacked by a co-worker with
>> learning disabilities because the latter believed the former was
>> Osama bin Laden's brother! (http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/
>> nationworld/chi-race-codewordsjun30,0,7093296.story<http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-race-codewordsjun30,0,7093296.story>
>> )
> Fascinating, and it revealed to me the existence of the Racial Slur Database
> (http://www.rsdb.org/).  But.... are whites really called "bird sh*t" and
> "bird turd"?
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