Fw: Re: Louisiana school district may require English-only valedictory addresses

Janis Vizier Nihart tarheel at MYVISCOM.COM
Wed Jul 2 12:03:01 UTC 2008

I live in Lafourche Parish (about an hour away from Terrebonne parish).  I
am from the last generation(the 1950's)that the majority of children either
spoke or understood French.  After 200 years we finally assimilated.  We
were never defiant about hanging on to the French language, we were just
isolated.  My mother endured the knuckle beating with a ruler from her
teacher when she started school because she knew no English.  But she
learned and doesn't expect others to speak French to her.  I think the 2
girls at the high school were just showing off and telling the rest of us
that they will hang on to their language.  I'm not impressed and I do take
comfort in the fact that ALL students MUST take French in school beginning
in Kindergarten now.

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