"covered wagon", now 1727, and still not the American West

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Uh-oh.  Early American Newspapers yields "covered wagon" from 1727.

"Advices from Spain. ... We have an Account that the following
Ammunition for the Siege of Gibraltar is arrived at the camp of  St.
Roche, viz. ... 116 Covered Waggons ... ."

New-England Weekly Journal, April 24, 1727, page 3, col [1 and] 2.

There is also from 1734:

"Upper Rhine, July 10. The Garrison of Philipsburg are to march out
with all military Honours, six Pieces of Cannon, four Mortars, and
some covered Wagons to be conducted tomorrow to Mentz, whither the
Sick and wounded are likewise to be carried by Water."

Weekly Rehearsal [Boston], Sept. 9, 1734, page 2, col 1.

(At least these also are not the American West!)


At 7/6/2008 11:21 AM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>"The Shah's women, and indeed others of distinction, rode on white
>horses, in the manner as men ride; but when they did not go in his
>company, they were usually carried on camels, seated in machines
>resembling a covered waggon, [sic] and hung like panniers over a
>pack-saddle, which I have already mentioned."
>Jonas Hanway. _An Historical Account of the British Trade over the
>Caspian Sea [etc.]_ London, Printed for T. Osborne [etc.], 1754, page 169.
>The OED describes "covered wagon" as "chiefly U.S.", and its first
>quotation is 1745, from J. S. Mclennan, _Louisburg_, [sic; this
>should be "Louisbourg"] and pertains to the colonial and British
>expedition against the fortress in Nova Scotia.  Its next is 1842,
>from the American West.
>The Shah is Nadir Shah of Persia, 1736-1747, commonly known in
>English and American newspapers of the time as "Thamas Kouli Kan".
>"Machine" here is I believe OED Draft Revision June 2008 n. sense
>5.b., "A (usually wheeled) vehicle or conveyance, esp. one drawn by a
>horse or horses, or other draught animal or animals"; 1687 and
>following.  The early quotations are all about the eastern
>Mediterranean region.
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