Heard on VH1: 'n'em

Doug Harris cats22 at FRONTIERNET.NET
Mon Jul 7 10:06:52 UTC 2008

Canadians. He's worried about being a fright-sight to folks
nawth ob da borda. ('N east of the Alaskan one, 'n'all.)

Twenty-ish, black, male speaker:

"I don't want to be taking off my bandanna and letting all of America
_'n'em_ see my buckwheats!"

"All of America _'n'em_"?! That strikes me as a bit extreme. Who's
left, once that you've said "_all_ of America"?

BTW: "buckwheats" = hyper-curly, stereotypically-Negroid hair, after
"Buckwheat," the colored character on The Little Rascals, and Eddie
Murphy's SNL parody thereof.


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