"hot dog" T.A. Dorgan story in St. Louis Post-Dispatch (UNCLASSIFIED)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Jul 7 20:12:50 UTC 2008

At 3:48 PM -0400 7/7/08, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>Up here in Beantown, not only is it "franks and
>beans", not "wieners and beans", but there are
>Ball ParkĀ® Franks that you can buy, in your

Not to mention Fenway Franks.  (Are the ones at
the Nationals' ballpark called "Washington


>   They have both an unnamed size and "bun size
>franks", which they refer to as "the perfect
>size dog".   http://www.ballparkfranks.com/.
>According to a St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press
>article, dated June 16, 2008, Ball ParkĀ® Franks
>are a Sara Lee offering, and in a "wiener war"
>with Kraft Foods Inc.'s Oscar Mayer brand.
>Up here, personally, I can refer to such items
>as frankfurters, franks, wieners (although I
>don't use this frequently), hot dogs, or dogs
>(also not frequently) -- and with or without
>bun.  Although at a grill gathering, I would
>expect to say "no bun, please" if I wanted just
>the frank.
>Bratwurst is a different dog, as is weisswurst; they contain veal.

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